The Mini Chewy Puff reminded me of the good ol’ days when I used to eat this as a child. Poofy and airy, this was so light in texture that you don’t realize you’ve eaten the whole bunch until it’s all gone

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Yum! Tasty little creme-filled donuts, and a ton of different flavours.

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Great for a light sweet snack! (a tad bit sinful though but definitely less sinful than a crispy cream!

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About Chewy Junior

Sink your teeth into your first Chewy Junior and you’ll know it’s not any ordinary cream puff. It’s crispy on the outside, yet soft and chewy on the inside, making it perfect to munch on!

The puffs were an accidental creation by founder Kevin Ong, who had experimented with a blend of recipes from two different countries. Thereafter, it took him two years to adjust the processes and bring the puffs to perfection. The result is a healthier version as the puffs are baked and not fried, and use only the finest ingredients and pure dairy products from mother’s nature!

Today, Chewy Junior sells thousands of puffs daily in every outlet! The craze has also been featured on the Sunday Times and Youth.SG. With so many delicious flavours to choose from, you’ll absolutely be spoilt for choice @ Chewy Junior!’

Management Profile

Kevin Ong (Managing Director)

The founder of Chewy Junior. Kevin was sponsored by Hilton International Hotel to study Culinary at SHATEC and worked for 3 years as a chef. Subsequently, he went on to work as a Restaurant and Catering Manager. He last held the role of Product Application Manager in an MNC, heading an Innovation Centre which create recipes for key customers. Kevin also holds a Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Business Management from The University of Bradford.

Setting up Chewy Junior was his third attempt in business. Despite falling hard and losing all his savings from the last two food business ventures, he has never given up hope on his dream and passion. After each past failure, he picked himself up, went back to work, saved up enough, and went for another attempt again. At age 43, with a supportive wife and two young kids to care for, he left his promising career again and opened the first Chewy Junior outlet at Tanjong Pagar in Apr 2007. This venture saw long queues that waited for hours to get the chewy puffs, and Kevin never looked back again.

Corporate Information


Chewy Junior’s vision is to be a global brand where every individual gets to enjoy the taste of our products, as well as our services and values.


Chewy Junior aspires to develop products of the highest quality, with constant innovation, and in the most efficient and cost effective way. Chewy Junior aims to deliver the utmost service level and make all our customers feel comfortable and happy. Chewy Junior seeks to provide our staff with challenges, enabling them to reach to their fullest potential, as well as achieve rewards to help fulfill their dreams. Chewy Junior is committed to long term relationships with our business partners to yield bountiful returns for their ventures. We are nature-friendly in our policies and management decision. We uphold the principles of honesty, fairness and integrity in our business management and business dealings.